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Why I Enjoyed Thanksgiving, a Visitation Discussion

My three children, their spouses, and seven grandchildren were here for Thanksgiving so of course I enjoyed the holiday. I had special moments and memories with each over the weekend.

Why the children were here rather than somewhere else goes back to the late seventies when their mother and I were going through separation and divorce. We initially had the then typical visitation schedule that alternated holidays with Christmas starting December 24 on even-numbered years and December 26… Read More

How Should One Address an Estranged or Former Spouse?

Thomas F. McDow

As a plebe at The Citadel, I learned that plebes must address upperclassmen as Mister as a sign of respect and that upperclassmen must address plebes as Mister to keep them in their lowly position. Thus I learned that Mr. and Ms. can express respect or contempt.

When litigants in family court refer to an estranged or former spouse as Mr. or Ms., I see it as distance, derision, and disrespect. I advise clients to refer to an estrange… Read More

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